Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Mixed Media Night...the power of paper!

This Friday (yep...Friday the 13th! - YIKES!) is my next Mixed Media Art Night workshop - The Power of Paper. It is going to be a blast! I am really looking forward to sharing all of the neat ways that paper can really make a difference when creating art! But of course, as usual, I have so much to do...and little time to get it done!

It was so much fun last time looking at all of the color variations that others came up with! I loved it!

Creating forward...

Well hello everyone...it has been WAY too long since my last post...I know...but I have been super duper busy and have still not quite gotten on the blog bandwagon yet! Each time I think the train is going to stop, my little one Curran is crawling up into my office chair, the dining room table...or I am just plain busy creating!

I am happy to announce that the Lake Eola Show is finally over! This is the one show that I had planned on being a part of that I knew would take up the most amount of my time...and it paid off! I won my very first award as an artist (I have been focusing on mixed media art now for a little over a year). I took 3rd place in the Lake Eola Show in Orlando this past weekend in the fine art category...I know...I create mixed media art, but hey...that was the closest category to choose from!

I have posted some photos of my booth as well as one of my current "favorites"! (see below!)

My mom was kind enough to fly up from Miami to help me with the show! She was awesome!!! Doing typical mother things of course and helping me with everything! Thanks mom!!!

Can you imagine the world if we all had just a little more patience and kindness to spread around...