Monday, October 17, 2011

New Magnets are Available!

Whew!  I was finally able to get my new magnets up in my Etsy shop today!  I am really liking them!  They are larger in size (3.5 x 3.5) so you can get a great look at the actual artwork on them. All of the magnets feature artwork from my newest collection.  They are bright, fun and make GREAT gifts for the holidays this year...perfect stocking stuffers too!

Be sure to check out my new magnets in
I was part of an event at Artistree this weekend, the co-op
here in College Park and I decided to make lots of gift items this time around.
In the above photo you can see some 10x10 mirrors that I created, my
new magnets, some jewelry trays along with some new 6x6 prints on wood
that I am making for the holidays!

Here are two of the 10x10 mirrors upclose...

Here are the 4 small jewelry/coin trays that I made...perfect for gift giving...
These are one-of-a-kind.  I sold two of them over the weekend...

This is my favorite of the 10x10 mirrors that I created!

All of the mirrors are currently for sale and are hanging in Artistree!
If anyone wants one of them please let me know!  I can go
grab them and add them to my Etsy shop!

The mirrors were lots of fun to do.  Every time I create some new I am amazed at how much more I can use my art in all of the items I create!  I love the idea of taking art that I have already created and transforming it onto different mediums and "ripping it apart" basically and only using part of it, etc.  The concept opens up so many new doors in the creative process and it keeps the journey exciting!

Till next time...Be calm.  Be strong.  Be grateful!

Live Artfully,

Friday, October 7, 2011

My 2012 Calendar is here!

Yes!  The 2 mini clips and the mini metal wire hanger
come with the is so easy to hang!

The calendar images make GREAT prints
after a month is over!  These mini 5x5
prints will make great gifts year round!

2012 Calendar Cover Page

I picked May as the month to showcase a
close up of...after all, it is MY birthday month!

Hello everyone!  I have been quite busy creating....not at my art table though!  I have actually been at my desk for a change...but looking at my art non-stop!  I have finally finished the creative process for my first calendar!  I just love it and I hope you will too!  I just uploaded it to my Etsy shop!  WOOHOO!!!  Click here to purchase the calendar!

I have lots of other creative items in the works for you too!  I typically think outside the box more so than ever when the holidays roll around since I like to offer simple, inexpensive, creative gift giving items.  And calendar is one of them!  You see, once a month is over, the image on a sheet can be trimmed and put into a 5x5 frame!  Perfect for gift giving year round!  And, the selection of art that I chose to feature in my 2012 calendar is my from my newest collection!  Another WOOHOO! 

Last, I am sorry that I do not blog more than I create!  Once I get a creative project going...which is usually more than one at a time, that is all I think about!

I promise to post as soon as I get more creative time in for the other gift items I am making!

Till next time...Be calm.  Be strong.  Be grateful.

Live Artfully,

Friday, August 26, 2011

A Fresh Approach to Art

"City Life" (my new favorite!)
22x30, acrylic on canvas

I have thoroughly been enjoying art lately!  I thought I truly lived by the rule of being fearless...but after the last two weeks...I really was not being as fearless as I thought I was!  I have approached art so differently these last two weeks and have truly had a blast creating!  I have been using lots of Gesso, tracing paper, handmade papers, glitter paint, old credit cards and lots and lots of splatters of course!  I have been creating subjects that I would have never thought I would create.  I have slowed down.  I am no longer in a rush to finish a piece like I have been in the past.  The last three years have been a whirlwind for me since I practically sold everything right off the art table which left me scrambling to create, create, create!  I am learning now that it is okay to slow down.  That it is okay to start a painting and come back to it later due to either drying time in-between coats of paint or glue or just plain old..."I am not sure what I want to add there".  I am letting my canvases evolve as I create them instead of just mapping everything out first.  One never knows where a painting is going to end up.  No one knows the painting's journey before it takes its first step.  We all have intentions of course, but it is the excitement of seeing color dripping over another and seeing where the drips actually take you.  Rather, where the drips take the painting.  It is a whole new look at creating art!  I was fearless in the past when it came to outlining my subjects in a rough manner, using bold colors, the way I used a palette knife, drips, drips and more drips...but this time, it feels different.  It feels good.  Really good.  I feel like my style is evolving more and more and I am able to pinpoint what I really like in art in general.  A mix.  A mix of abstractness or chaos, a portion of it involving something specific (a subject) and art that provides a child-like feeling.  Vibrant colors are a must!  I am enjoying every minute of the creative process!  Can you tell?!?!?  

"City of Color" and "City Life"
Both 22x30, acrylic on canvas

"The Pink Panda" and "Hold on to Love"
Both 18x18, acrylic on canvas

"Balloons over the Serengeti"
18x18, acrylic on canvas

"Let's Ride"
16x16, acrylic on canvas

"Let's Play"
16x16, acrylic on canvas

In addition to me approaching art differently, today is the last day of the first week of school! So far, school has been a success. The only difference is that since we moved, our girls have to practically leave the house at the same time as when they had to wake up last year when living in our old house. For starters, our oldest is a patrol this year and that alone means they need to arrive earlier. The second reason is that we live a little bit farther from the school now and traffic has been quite inconsistent! Below is a snapshot of them on the first day of school this year...of course, baby Curran cannot go to school just yet! She was sad to see her sisters off for six and a half hours a day now as she has no one to play with anymore! Just look at the attitude on her face!

Well I am off for now!  I created some new bookmark designs last night along with some new magnet designs and I need to get them into our local Co-op today! 

Till next time...Be calm.  Be strong.  Be grateful.

Live Artfully,

Thursday, August 11, 2011

Fresh off the Art Table!

"Hold onto Love" (my new favorite!)
18x18 acrylic on canvas

"City of Color"
22x30 acrylic on canvas

"Afternoon Stroll"
18x18 acrylic on canvas

I have definitely been in full swing paint mode lately!  Feels GREAT!!!!  Yes, the girls go back to school in a little over a week now but I had to get back in paint mode due to low inventory levels...either way, they are letting me get some work done and I am really enjoying the new art that is coming out of the studio!  I have at least another 20 paintings to complete over the next month or so...I guess I better get back to work then huh?!?!?

I promise to elaborate more in my posts when I have more time...for now I am keeping them simple and sharing my new creations.  I hope you are enjoying them!

Till next time - Be calm.  Be strong.  Be grateful.

Live Artfully,

Friday, August 5, 2011


I was commissioned to do these three cupcake paintings for a customer...and I finished and delivered today!  Woohoo!!!  For my first attempt at cupcakes...I think they came out pretty good!  The pink one looks really yummy!  ENJOY!!!

I am working on the most adorable Panda right now...hopefully I will get to share him with you in the next couple of days!

Till next time... Be calm.  Be strong.  Be grateful!

Live Artfully,

All 10x10, acrylic on canvas

Thursday, August 4, 2011

Back in the Studio...FINALLY!

Whew!  We are in our new house now, art camp is over, vacation is over, taking my girls to summer camps is over...time for me to create again!  I have had lots of inspiration around me and it is time for me to unleash my creative spirit so that she can SOAR!!!  I started a new series of paintings this week in my new home studio and I am super excited about them!  Take a peak...

My new home studio space is super bright!  PERFECT for creating!

"Meet Calypso"
16x16 Acrylic on Canvas

"In the Deep Blue Sea"
12x24 Acrylic on Canvas

"Carnival at Sea"
14x14 Acrylic on Canvas

Curran...she still loves to paint with mommy!

Summer is almost over!  My girls will return to school in just over two weeks and then it will just be Curran and I holding the fort down till chaos returns after school.  We hope to get a lot done during the school, drink, watch Yo Gabba Gabba, create!  Should be an easy schedule to keep huh?!?!?

Till next time...Be calm. Be strong.  Be grateful!

Live Artfully,


Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Register for ARTragious Art Camp 2011!

Wow!  I cannot believe it is already May 3rd!  May is already flying by!  This has been an amazing year so far and I know that there is still so much more excitement to come!

For starters, registration is now open for ARTragious Art Camp 2011!  I started and completed ALL 5 projects yesterday and I am quite pleased with what I have selected for the students this year!  I have been inspired by so many different artists...Jen Swift, Mindy Lacefield, Rachel Austin and Mae Chevrette that I wanted to give them credit for the ideas we are using in camp this year!

I have lowered the amount of students per session this year to 12, therefore; spaces are limited.  For more details and to register, parents can register online via my website at

I also wanted to share with you a very special print that I created for my daughter's Safe Start instructor, Denise!  Curran completed her 6 week session and is swimming beautifully!  Her float is not perfect yet...but I can tell she is on her way to becoming a fish in the water!  To celebrate...I created a print for Ms. Denise.  I could truly tell that Ms. Denise had found her passion and her purpose in teaching little ones to stay afloat and be safe in the event that they fall in a pool.  Denise was truly wonderful to work with and Curran just loved her!  The photo in the print is of Ms. Denise working with Curran on her float.  I love that Ms. Denise has a smile on her face!  

    Well - that is all for now!  I promise, next post, to include some newer photos of the progress that is being made on our new house!  Can you believe that we painted 29 gallons of paint this last Saturday?!?!?!  Wild!  The new house is looking FANTASTIC!  And we will move in just 3 weeks prior to art camp starting!  YIKES!

Till next time, Be calm.  Be strong.  Be grateful.

Live Artfully,

Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Where does the time go???

Well, here I am again...fighting to stay on top of things!  This week I am back to no art and picking out blinds, door knobs and bathroom lights for our new house!  Hmm...should I share a photo now???  MAYBE...

But I need to jump into art again.  The projects that I have chosen for art camp this year will be released at the end of April - um hellooooo....that is NEXT WEEK!  So I guess I better hop on those projects uh???  Of course I want to try everything!  But, do need to focus on just 5 fabulous projects instead!  I can tell you that watercolors are in this year...and the use of some wire is in the game plan.  A canvas is in the mix as well...and some wood!  There, does that help?!?!?  Probably not!  But it helps me a lot!  :-)  Focusing on what I want to incorporate into the projects helps me determine what I am going to create with the material that I have chosen to work with!

On a side note, there are so many other things I want to do art wise!  Oopsy Daisy has picked up two more of designs.  I need to find out when those will be released.  I am guessing the summer, but not 100% sure!  I also have some other projects in the works...I just need to get my to do list prioritized and hop on the tasks that need to be completed in order to achieve my goals.

Mother's Day is around the corner.  I will be adding more Mother's Day gifts to my selection at Artistree Co-op and maybe get the opportunity to add some to my Etsy shop as well!  There is still time to shop online for Mother's Day gifts...I think!  So vague this morning...I know! I am well aware!  I think I need another cup of coffee! Oh yes....and prioritize that "to-do" list!  My mind is so focused on our new house right now.  And there is actually very little that I can do about it.  We are having some construction done and right now tile is being laid in every possible square inch of the house and so I am not able to get in there and paint to my heart's content!  I've got my paint colors picked out...and am ready to roll (literally), but I need to be patient while they perfect our living space!  We still are in need of some drywall, a new kitchen, and the rest of the tile floor completed!  All is REALLY exciting!  We should be moved in JUST IN TIME for summer to start!  And having a pool now with certainly help entertain the kids!

I added a couple of new prints to my Etsy shop!  Please stop by my shop when you have the chance and peek around!  I did not realize that my print selection has grown drastically!

Till next time, be calm.  Be strong.  Be grateful.

Live Artfully,

8x8 mixed media art print
available in my Etsy shop!

8x8 mixed media art print
available in my Etsy shop

"unleash your soul"
8x10 mixed media art print
available in my Etsy shop

This photo shows my new art/play room...lots to be done!

This photo shows my new kitchen!  It is that area
behind the latter.  The area where this photo was
taken is the girl's living room.

This photo shows our new dining room...there
will be french doors going out to the art/play room
there where Phil is standing.  I am
standing in the living room taking this photo.

Another view of my kitchen - from the girl's living room.

This photo shows our new floor! We chose to do our house in the tile that looks like hardwood floors. We currently have hardwood floors in the house we are in now but since we have a pool at the new house, and saw how wet the floors were getting when the kids swam a couple of times and were going in and out of the house...we decided that tile floors would be the best...and we really liked the wood looking we decided to cover ALL of our floor areas with the same tile in order to have that consistent flow throughout the house!

Friday, April 8, 2011

Zoo crazy!

Hi everyone!  YES!!!! It has been forever since I last posted...about 4 weeks!!!  Yikes!  But I needed the little break!  I took a 2 week break from art and started painting some of the rooms in our new house.  No...not ready to share any photos just yet.  We have been waiting for some upgrades to happen in our new house and it took forever for us to find someone to do the work.  And they finally started TODAY!  Yippee!!!  We closed on our new house the first week of March and it took us this long to get some construction started.  Either way, we are so delighted that the process has begun! 

Now that March Art Madness is over...I have been able to focus on my family again, on the new house (picking out paint colors and doing some shopping on Etsy), and get some fresh perspectives on creating again!  I am working on some pieces now for The Studio Gallery in Grayton Beach, FL.  I promise to share when I am done!

I went zoo crazy for my March art events and wanted to share those new pieces with you!

"Way up high"
18x18, acrylic on canvas

14x14, acrylic on canvas
Available at Artistree Co-op in Orlando, FL

16x16, acrylic on canvas 
Available at The Tugboat and the Bird
Winter Park, FL

8x16, acrylic on canvas

"Purple Hippo"
14x18, acrylic on canvas
Available at The Tugboat and the Bird in Winter Park, FL

"Pretty in Pink"
16x16, acrylic on canvas
Available at The Tugboat and the Bird in Winter Park, FL

"Peek-a-boo Panda"
14x14, acrylic on canvas

"Think Big"
8x8, acrylic on canvas

"Aim High Butterfly"
12x12, acrylic on canvas
Available at The Tugboat and the Bird in Winter Park, FL

"Take Flight Butterfly"
12x12, acrylic on canvas

I hope to be posting the details of my upcoming kids ARTragious Art Camp soon!  The dates have been set and some moms have already put their kids on the list without knowing all of the details!  I better get finished on choosing my art projects then huh?!?!?  I hope to have them posted by the end of April!

Well - I must get going!  I need to get some down time in...about 30 minutes...before it is time for me to go get my girls from school!  I will try not to wait too long in-between my next post!

Till then - Be calm.  Be strong.  Be grateful.

Live Artfully,

Friday, March 11, 2011

Baldwin Park Show this weekend! And, meet baby Poppy!

Yes!  The Baldwin Park Art & Jazz Festival is finally here!
I hope everyone gets a chance to come out and visit me this Saturday!

Meet Poppy Sloan Bowers!!!  Isn't she adorable!

I was commissioned to do a piece for her room...and here it is...

"Poppy Garden"
24x36, acrylic on canvas

Poppy's baby stats are in the leaves on two of the flowers.

Here are some adorable mini art plaques that I made for the
Baldwin Park Art & Jazz Festival this weekend!  Just something different to make!

This one is my favorite!
They are so whimsical!

Last but never is one of the paintings that will be at my booth
"Wonder & Imagination"
10x20, acrylic on canvas

There are so many canvases that I am leaving off but I cannot possibly post them all at the moment!  I have done 25 canvases in the last 2-3 weeks on top of 57 bookmarks, 45 marble magnets, 16 large wood magnets, 10 mini art plaques and 7 graffiti birds!  I am pooped!

Well I am awfully sorry to be so short on my post today!  I have been swamped preparing for the show and I still have so much more to do!  I need to take my kids to nana's house before my company arrives so that I can clean house some!  My mom is coming up from Miami to work the show with me and my good friend Melissa Kurtz is coming from Jacksonville with her daughter and is participating in the show this year as well!  Look for her booth, Melissa Kurtz Designs.  She sells fabulous mosaic, beaded belt buckles!

Till Monday...when I will be able to somewhat relax some...  Be calm.  Be strong.  Be grateful.

Live Artfully,