Friday, October 7, 2011

My 2012 Calendar is here!

Yes!  The 2 mini clips and the mini metal wire hanger
come with the is so easy to hang!

The calendar images make GREAT prints
after a month is over!  These mini 5x5
prints will make great gifts year round!

2012 Calendar Cover Page

I picked May as the month to showcase a
close up of...after all, it is MY birthday month!

Hello everyone!  I have been quite busy creating....not at my art table though!  I have actually been at my desk for a change...but looking at my art non-stop!  I have finally finished the creative process for my first calendar!  I just love it and I hope you will too!  I just uploaded it to my Etsy shop!  WOOHOO!!!  Click here to purchase the calendar!

I have lots of other creative items in the works for you too!  I typically think outside the box more so than ever when the holidays roll around since I like to offer simple, inexpensive, creative gift giving items.  And calendar is one of them!  You see, once a month is over, the image on a sheet can be trimmed and put into a 5x5 frame!  Perfect for gift giving year round!  And, the selection of art that I chose to feature in my 2012 calendar is my from my newest collection!  Another WOOHOO! 

Last, I am sorry that I do not blog more than I create!  Once I get a creative project going...which is usually more than one at a time, that is all I think about!

I promise to post as soon as I get more creative time in for the other gift items I am making!

Till next time...Be calm.  Be strong.  Be grateful.

Live Artfully,


  1. Hi Jennifer, I just discovered your wonderful blog and awesome artwork. These calendars are adorable.
    Kyles =D

    P.S I'm off to look around some more. =D