Friday, February 25, 2011

Fresh art...

Needless to say...I have been busy this week! I started and almost completed 14 paintings.
Three of them are 90% done so I chose not show the last three in the above photo.
I am preparing for the Baldwin Park Art & Jazz Festival...March 12th!

I LOVE this phrase!!!
10x10, acrylic on canvas

Yes...gratitude!  I wonder if they sell it in seed format so that we can plant some!
"Flower of Gratitude"
8x8, acrylic on canvas

A must!
"Love Life"
8x8, acrylic on canvas 

Last but never least...little Miss Curran!

She is such a silly goose!

Below is a list of some of my upcoming events.  I will repost
as the dates get closer!

Baldwin Parks Art & Jazz Festival
March 12, 2011
10am to 5pm
Location: Baldwin Park, New Broad Street
Orlando, FL

Winter Park Arts Festival
March 19 - 20, 2011
Location: Signing Event at The Tugboat & the Bird
Winter Park, FL

Artistree Co-op's "Spring for Handmade"
March 26, 2011
10am to 5pm
Location: Infusion Tea/Artistree Co-op
Edgewater Drive in College Park
Orlando, FL

Mom's Night Out Mixed Media Workshop
Scheduled for Mid April 2011 time frame.
More Details Coming Soon!

ARTragious Art Camp for Kids
1 week long, 9am to 2pm
Ages 8 - 14 (limited to 12 kids only!)

2 different weeks to choose from! SAME PROJECTS!
June 20th - June 24th, 2011 or
June 27th - July 1st, 2011

ARTragious Art Camp for Younger Kids
Ages 5-7 (Limited to 12 kids only!)
July 13th - 15th, 2011 (3 days instead of one week long)
9am t0 12 noon

ARTragious Art Camp for 2011 coming soon!
Registration will open at the end of April 2011.

Whew!  That is all for now!  I hope everyone has had a fantastic week!  Involving lots of color of course and some happiness in between!

Till next time, Be calm.  Be strong.  Be grateful.

Live Artfully,

Thursday, February 17, 2011

Love your style!

"Love your Style"
22x28, acrylic on canvas
The Magic Wand, Winter Garden, FL

Inspirational words adorn all 4 sides of the canvas

Well, our family hairdresser, Aunt Audrey, did some minor remodeling in her shop, The Magic Wand in Winter Garden, FL and so I told her I would help her fill the wall space with something inspirational! it is!  I must say, it came out better than I had expected!  I don't do people very well and purposely chose a face style that would not feature my weakest areas (the eyes on a face!).  I hope this inspires everyone as they sit in the chairs at the shop and "get all made up"!

It has been a while since I did a batch of graffiti birds!  I just love them!
I made a batch for Artistree's Valentine's event. 

These mini 5x5 art blocks are perfect for displaying on a desk, in a kitchen or bathroom.
I had three extra 5x5 wood frames in my studio closet and needed to get rid of them.  So I modified
some of my new Mixed Media/Illustration prints to fit within the dimensions of this mini layout and then had
them printed on canvas and I wrapped them myself around the wood.  I only did three of them so I guess that makes them somewhat "limited edition". 

They are at Artistree right now...on the shelves...looking for a home to bring joy and color to!

Take time to warm the soul bookmark
Now available in my Etsy shop!

I hope that everyone has had a creative and artful week so far!  It is now Thursday and February appears to be flying by just as fast as January did!  I have 3 art events coming up in the month of I will be very, very busy creating...starting now!

I have got to get going now though!  Going to get my hair done this morning and dropping off Aunt Audrey's new painting!  I hope she loves it!

Till next time, Be calm.  Be strong.  Be grateful.

Live Artfully,

Thursday, February 10, 2011

That's my motto!

"happiness and sunshine"
8x10, Mixed Media/Illustration Print
Now available in my Etsy shop!

For a long time now...most of my life actually, I have been a really happy person!  And I love the feeling!  I find myself being drawn to other happy people as well.  Wouldn't it be wonderful if everyone brought a little bit of happiness and sunshine no matter they went???  There would be sunshine all of the time!

Till next post...Be calm.  Be strong.  Be grateful.

Live Artfully,

Tuesday, February 8, 2011

simply stated...

"all the world needs"
5x7 Mixed Media/Illustration Print
Now available in my Etsy Shop!

Spread the word, share the joy and embrace the hope that is all around us!  This print makes a great gift for practically anyone!


Live Artfully,

Monday, February 7, 2011

Fresh Art...

15x30, acrylic on canvas

"share your magic"
6x9, acrylic on canvas

"ro bot"
9x12, acrylic on canvas

11x14, acrylic on canvas

"field of dreams"
8x16, acrylic on canvas

8x16, acrylic on canvas

"love hoo you are"
8x8, acrylic on canvas

"chase your dreams"
8x8, acrylic on canvas

"built on..."
9x12, acrylic on canvas

"pair of owls"
10x30, acrylic on canvas

"share your magic"
6x6, acrylic on canvas

"take time..."
4x12, acrylic on canvas

"soul searcher"
10x10, acrylic on canvas

"all you need is love"
18x18, acrylic on canvas

yes...this is another "all you need is love".  A very nice man came into
Artistree Co-op last Friday and bought the other one I made for the love wall for a
Valentine's Day present for his daughter!  Super sweet huh?!?! 
Needless to say, I needed to make a replacement for the wall...and here it is!

Happy Monday!

I am trying to post more often...but since I have been able to only squeeze in about one post a week...I thought I would just get it over with and share with you all of the art that has come off the art table in the last 2 weeks.  I have been a busy bee over here trying to catch up with all of those I owed some new inventory.  I am sure there is at least 3-4 canvases missing from the collection of photos...I still have so many ideas stuck in my head right now and at least 5 more canvases to go in order to get caught up!  Whew!!!!  And last...we are going to be moving soon!  Yes...we finally found a house!  We had been looking for approximately a year now...and our time finally came!  I promise to fill you in with more details as our closing gets closer!

Well, enjoy browsing my "fresh art"!  I hope everyone has an artful week!

Be calm.  Be strong.  Be grateful.

Live Artfully,