Monday, January 5, 2015

Welcome 2015!

It has been exactly two years and seven and a half months since my last post.  My girls went back to school today but here I am again, just arriving at my desk for only one hour before school pick-up...  Being a full time Etsy seller and a mom of four...this scenario can happen quite often!  LOL!

So...during this two years and seven months or so break from posting...I have only been working like usual - like crazy.  I suppose you felt something more exciting coming along though huh?  Well actually, during this timeframe I have had the ever-so-lucky opportunity to be involved with and work with the creative team at Walter Foster Publishing!  In 2014, my first book project with them was launched!  101 Mixed Media Art Techniques.  Today (Jan. 5, 2015), my second book with Walter Foster has been released and this is the one book that I put my entire heart into, no doubt, colors first! I am so excited to introduce the world to the step by step art projects that I have done over so many years with so many talented kids in my annual ARTragious art camp that I hold every summer.  Approximately three quarters of the projects have already been done in my camp before and the other quarter are brand spanking new projects!  I am very happy, joyful, proud and excited to share my creativity with everyone in this book!  I feel honored by Walter Foster, (Stephanie - you have been an angel to work with!) to have been approached to create such a book!  Thank you! Thank you....from the bottom of my heart!

Get Your Copy Now!
As soon as I get my own copies of this book....which features 27 projects in it...I will be able to take some photos and share some of it with everyone!
I also had the pleasure of working on a smaller book project with Walter Foster in 2014 as well...this book gets released tomorrow, Jan. 6th and is a wonderful book that features art projects for little kids!  I had so much fun doing the projects in this book as well and can't wait to see the other projects in it!  Thank you again Stephanie @Walter Foster for giving me such an opportunity!
Get your copy today!

In 2014 my studio expanded to include a 54 inch wide format now, all printing is done in house!  Many of you may not know that I spend 75% of my creative time now focused on designing, printing and shipping vinyl wall decals world wide.  I have two Etsy shops that are now focused on just this.  I love creating wall decals. (stickitdecaldesigns & friendshipfalls)  So far, the decal designs that I create are mainly for use in children's playrooms and baby nurseries....but really, the possibilities are endless!  It was a challenge in the beginning to learn the ins and outs of the printer...but it was well worth it!  Bringing the printing in house has allowed me to make necessary reprints on the spot as well as design the print files the way I want them!  Not to mention, it is way more cost effective! 
Below are some photos of my studio space!  You can see my new printer on the left there!  I love it!

You can learn more about my studio space on the Walter Foster Blog!
In 2014, I also had the opportunity to license some of my art to Hobby Lobby as well as  Hobby Lobby picked a few designs to feature...and they have been quite wonderful to work with! offers a ton of my designs all over promotional products...which is quite cool!
My goal for 2015 is to simply create more art!  I miss creating.  I miss mixing colors, splattering and making messes!  I truly, truly do!  There is still so much creating to be done...
With that said, keep on making your own colorful messes!  And please share them with me! 
Live Artfully,