Monday, October 17, 2011

New Magnets are Available!

Whew!  I was finally able to get my new magnets up in my Etsy shop today!  I am really liking them!  They are larger in size (3.5 x 3.5) so you can get a great look at the actual artwork on them. All of the magnets feature artwork from my newest collection.  They are bright, fun and make GREAT gifts for the holidays this year...perfect stocking stuffers too!

Be sure to check out my new magnets in
I was part of an event at Artistree this weekend, the co-op
here in College Park and I decided to make lots of gift items this time around.
In the above photo you can see some 10x10 mirrors that I created, my
new magnets, some jewelry trays along with some new 6x6 prints on wood
that I am making for the holidays!

Here are two of the 10x10 mirrors upclose...

Here are the 4 small jewelry/coin trays that I made...perfect for gift giving...
These are one-of-a-kind.  I sold two of them over the weekend...

This is my favorite of the 10x10 mirrors that I created!

All of the mirrors are currently for sale and are hanging in Artistree!
If anyone wants one of them please let me know!  I can go
grab them and add them to my Etsy shop!

The mirrors were lots of fun to do.  Every time I create some new I am amazed at how much more I can use my art in all of the items I create!  I love the idea of taking art that I have already created and transforming it onto different mediums and "ripping it apart" basically and only using part of it, etc.  The concept opens up so many new doors in the creative process and it keeps the journey exciting!

Till next time...Be calm.  Be strong.  Be grateful!

Live Artfully,

Friday, October 7, 2011

My 2012 Calendar is here!

Yes!  The 2 mini clips and the mini metal wire hanger
come with the is so easy to hang!

The calendar images make GREAT prints
after a month is over!  These mini 5x5
prints will make great gifts year round!

2012 Calendar Cover Page

I picked May as the month to showcase a
close up of...after all, it is MY birthday month!

Hello everyone!  I have been quite busy creating....not at my art table though!  I have actually been at my desk for a change...but looking at my art non-stop!  I have finally finished the creative process for my first calendar!  I just love it and I hope you will too!  I just uploaded it to my Etsy shop!  WOOHOO!!!  Click here to purchase the calendar!

I have lots of other creative items in the works for you too!  I typically think outside the box more so than ever when the holidays roll around since I like to offer simple, inexpensive, creative gift giving items.  And calendar is one of them!  You see, once a month is over, the image on a sheet can be trimmed and put into a 5x5 frame!  Perfect for gift giving year round!  And, the selection of art that I chose to feature in my 2012 calendar is my from my newest collection!  Another WOOHOO! 

Last, I am sorry that I do not blog more than I create!  Once I get a creative project going...which is usually more than one at a time, that is all I think about!

I promise to post as soon as I get more creative time in for the other gift items I am making!

Till next time...Be calm.  Be strong.  Be grateful.

Live Artfully,