Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Where does the time go???

Well, here I am again...fighting to stay on top of things!  This week I am back to no art and picking out blinds, door knobs and bathroom lights for our new house!  Hmm...should I share a photo now???  MAYBE...

But I need to jump into art again.  The projects that I have chosen for art camp this year will be released at the end of April - um hellooooo....that is NEXT WEEK!  So I guess I better hop on those projects uh???  Of course I want to try everything!  But, do need to focus on just 5 fabulous projects instead!  I can tell you that watercolors are in this year...and the use of some wire is in the game plan.  A canvas is in the mix as well...and some wood!  There, does that help?!?!?  Probably not!  But it helps me a lot!  :-)  Focusing on what I want to incorporate into the projects helps me determine what I am going to create with the material that I have chosen to work with!

On a side note, there are so many other things I want to do art wise!  Oopsy Daisy has picked up two more of designs.  I need to find out when those will be released.  I am guessing the summer, but not 100% sure!  I also have some other projects in the works...I just need to get my to do list prioritized and hop on the tasks that need to be completed in order to achieve my goals.

Mother's Day is around the corner.  I will be adding more Mother's Day gifts to my selection at Artistree Co-op and maybe get the opportunity to add some to my Etsy shop as well!  There is still time to shop online for Mother's Day gifts...I think!  So vague this morning...I know! I am well aware!  I think I need another cup of coffee! Oh yes....and prioritize that "to-do" list!  My mind is so focused on our new house right now.  And there is actually very little that I can do about it.  We are having some construction done and right now tile is being laid in every possible square inch of the house and so I am not able to get in there and paint to my heart's content!  I've got my paint colors picked out...and am ready to roll (literally), but I need to be patient while they perfect our living space!  We still are in need of some drywall, a new kitchen, and the rest of the tile floor completed!  All is REALLY exciting!  We should be moved in JUST IN TIME for summer to start!  And having a pool now with certainly help entertain the kids!

I added a couple of new prints to my Etsy shop!  Please stop by my shop when you have the chance and peek around!  I did not realize that my print selection has grown drastically!

Till next time, be calm.  Be strong.  Be grateful.

Live Artfully,

8x8 mixed media art print
available in my Etsy shop!

8x8 mixed media art print
available in my Etsy shop

"unleash your soul"
8x10 mixed media art print
available in my Etsy shop

This photo shows my new art/play room...lots to be done!

This photo shows my new kitchen!  It is that area
behind the latter.  The area where this photo was
taken is the girl's living room.

This photo shows our new dining room...there
will be french doors going out to the art/play room
there where Phil is standing.  I am
standing in the living room taking this photo.

Another view of my kitchen - from the girl's living room.

This photo shows our new floor! We chose to do our house in the tile that looks like hardwood floors. We currently have hardwood floors in the house we are in now but since we have a pool at the new house, and saw how wet the floors were getting when the kids swam a couple of times and were going in and out of the house...we decided that tile floors would be the best...and we really liked the wood looking we decided to cover ALL of our floor areas with the same tile in order to have that consistent flow throughout the house!

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