Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Honoring Leah...

I want to share with you a truly unique piece of art that I had the privilege to create for a very bright person. I was commissioned to create a canvas for a local musician...a singer and songwriter in the Orlando area named Leah. The canvas was due to be her present for her high school graduation. Her mother was kind enough to assist me in getting photos of Leah herself, of her guitar, as well as some copies of important pages in her song writing journal. From there...I set out to create a monument of her, offering an explosion of color and "guess what this is" around every inch of the canvas. Of course it does help that Leah is a beautiful girl and the photo provided was just breathtaking.

Needless to say, Leah absolutely loved her canvas...as well as her family and friends. It is such a great way to honor her, and attempt to symbolize what Leah is all about.

It is refreshing to create such canvases as Leah's. I get to learn about the fire and passion in others...and create a truly personal and unique work of art that even though is many layers...these pieces display the multiple layers of those that the canvas is about and beyond...leaving so much left to our imaginations.


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