Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Artful Mess...

18x18 "believe" - acrylic on canvas

8x24 "bloom" - acrylic on canvas

I have to admit...I am addicted to color!  Lately, I just cannot get enough of it!  I am busy creating for an artist debut that I have coming up in June for a store in Greenville, SC called "The Canny Rooster"!  Needless to say, my goal is to plaster colorful, happy vibes all over their walls! I am also addicted to the thought of simplifying.  Although that is far from what my lifestyle is with my four girls!  I am truly the Queen of Chaos when it comes to managing my time and their schedule!  In the end, I feel that "single words" can act as powerful daily inspirations.  There is something child-like about them...  Dreamy too...

Oh...above is my littlest one...Curran! Guess what she did...although I was not surprised!  She pulled one of the paper plates full of paint off the art table and started creating her own art!  Well, she is starting young I guess!

Live Artfully,

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