Wednesday, July 7, 2010

ARTragious Art Camp 2010!

Okay...okay!  I know that I have slacked on writing...but I have been so darn busy!  That is always the excuse I use and seriously....that IS my excuse!!!

Art Camp was a success and loads of fun!  I had a lot of repeat students as well as some fresh faces!  And of course CHAOS!  That's okay though right?!?!?  Art camp just would not be the same without chaos!  In the end though...I was very proud of what came out of the studio!  Everyone did a super job creating!

Anyway - I wanted to share some of the fabulous art that was created this year by some of my students.  I deeply apologize that I do not have more photos to share!  I was too busy working with everyone and taking photos was not really on my mind!  I missed a ton by not taking any photos of the textile art creations...please, if anyone has some photos of the textile art creations please send them to me!

Created by Julia, Isabella, Sasha and Lauren

Created by Logan

Created by Jasmine

Created by Jon and Katie

Created by Macie

Created by Olivia

Created by Madison

Created by Addie

Created by Julia

Created by Lauren

Created by Morgan

Created by Brooke

Created by Jasmine

Mirror created by Jon

Mirror created by Felicia

Mirrors created by Isabella, Jasmine, Christina, Jon, Cami, Erin and Desiree

There was many more wonderful works of art created...I just failed to get more photos than I should have!  I hope to have the moms email me some so that I can add them for your viewing pleasure!

Thanks again for all of those that participated and helped out!  I am already looking forward to next year!  Can't wait to see what kind of colors we will produce next summer!

Live Artfully,


  1. I wish I could go to your art camp. great work