Wednesday, March 2, 2011

You are beautiful!

Yes!  You are!!!

"you are beautiful"
30x30, acrylic on canvas

This is one of the larger paintings that I will have at the
Baldwin Park Art & Jazz Festival next weekend, the 12th.

"Never say never"
14x14, acrylic on canvas

Ahhh....yes....can you tell that I am the mother of a 9 year old who is in love with Justin Bieber!?!? 

And yes, I actually did a Justin Bieber canvas!  My 8 year old (Macie) was you serious?
She dislikes anyone that her sister Rylee DOES like!  When I was finishing up the canvas yesterday even my 2 year old was like...."is that Justin Bieber?"  I was you know who he is too???  Actually, at this point, who hasn't heard of Justin Bieber? I took Rylee to go see his movie and I actually enjoyed it.  I enjoyed seeing just how young he really was when he started to display his musical talent.  It showed his journey...and my gosh...ALL of his fans! WOW!  There are so many little girls in love with this kid!  I'm talking...5 and 6 year olds!  CRAZY!!!

Anyway - yes...I do guitars all of the time.  I have put artists such as Bob Marley, The Beatles,
Tracy Chapmen, Willie Nelson, Led Zeppelin and why not Justin Bieber?  Anyway, 
Rylee is dying for this canvas!  But I told her is going to The Florida Craftsman in St. Pete!  And so that is where I am driving to today!   I have to go to the gallery to swap some paintings out for my upcoming events and wanted to bring them a guitar piece...since they are always requesting one.  I will be curious to see what they think of this one!

Well, I am off to St. Pete now!  Macie is coming with me today!  I am letting her miss school for a mini day trip with mommy!

Till next time, Be calm.  Be strong.  Be grateful.

Live Artfully,

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