Thursday, December 2, 2010

"Sail Forward"
16x20, acrylic on canvas
Available at Artistree Co-op (Orlando, FL)

Well, has been a while since my last post.  I know...I know.  I do not have any new excuses to give everyone but the same old, same old.  Chaos, family life, paint all over my any of those work???

Above is a piece that I created for the back wall of Artistree (for the month of December).  The theme was "joy"...and immediately, exactly what I created is exactly what had popped into my head when I heard the theme...I love it when canvases work out that way!  For some reason I had been wanting to do a sail boat for a long time...and it is!  I love the phrase too! Words to live by...

With joy in your heart and passion in your soul
Sail towards a life filled with
Gratitude, love and kindness

Regardless, it is always fun to post and share although it is far in-between.  I am going to try and challenge myself in 2011 and post once a day...but add a little something to each post so that everyone can learn something new everyday.  My focus/theme is going to be: "Keep it Simple".  I am at a time in my life right now where I am truly trying to simplify how I do things while being a wife, a mom to four girls and creator of many things.  My goal is simple although the journey getting there might not necessarily be.  As I learn how to simplify, I will share ideas, suggestions, etc. with everyone along the way. So I hope that everyone is excited about learning a little more about the "simple" life as I am!  I guess the queen of chaos is a little tired of being so chaotic!  Just a little... 

I hope that everyone had a wonderful Thanksgiving!  We all have so much to be thankful for...big and small blessings are all around us on a daily basis.  I for one am very thankful for that first sip of coffee in the morning!  It is like heaven to me!

I need to get back to "life" now.  Back to chasing Curran around the house, dirty dishes, crumbs on the floor and being creative!

Have a wonderfully, artful day!


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