Monday, January 3, 2011

A Fresh Start...

Happy New Year everyone!  Just like a fresh cup of coffee in the morning...a fresh start is what almost everyone is hopeful for in 2011.  A chance to improve, a chance to be more creative, a chance to expand our horizons with all this new year has to offer.  Time to get rid of the old....and in with the new!  And of course, this does not have to be new "stuff" - but new attitudes, new adventures, new ways of thinking, new ways of sharing, new ways of giving, new ways of being kind and last but never least, new ways to simplify. 

Besides trying to expand my line of mixed media creations in 2011, one of my main goals is to learn how to simplify more.  Learn how to not live such a chaotic lifestyle 24/7.  Since my four girls already provide the chaos for well as my own artistic personality, it is important that I focus on making the rest of our lifestyle as simple as possible.  "Keep it simple".  Three simple words that are not easy to break down when applying them.  I hope to inspire all of those around me and afar to simplify their life this year.  Relax more.  Be better organized.  Give more.  Love more.  Do general.  I wish to do more outside...I live in Florida and now is the PERFECT time of year to be the summer months...I am so wishing we lived in Colorado!  But...I guess I will have to find a way to hop, skip and jump over those dreadful, hot summer months with more of an upbeat stride this year...making the best of the climate that I live in.  

We are now 3 days into the new year...three of my girls are back to school and the other is lying under my feet while I type.  I am setting goals today.  Writing them down.  Figuring out what my steps are in order to head in the direction of accomplishing them.  I am going to look at them as being "simple" goals.  As long as I break up the steps regarding how to achieve them, and complete each step successfully, then I should do alright!  That is the plan anyway!

Regardless, looking at life as a "fresh start" everyday should be helpful.  As stated, just like a fresh cup of coffee in the morning, we have the ability to start fresh everyday - literally.  We have the power to do whatever we put our minds to.  To complete what we wish to complete, little by little each day.  And as we do, we will feel much more connected.  Much more in tune with our passion, our purpose and find our self along the way.

I only hope the best for everyone this year.  But remember, goals do not have to be complicated....a little bit of love, kindness and gratitude goes a long way and can make accomplishing our goals and desires even easier.

Task for the day: Simply think about what YOU want.  And if you are certain, then write it down and keep it in front of you where you can see it everyday.

Live Artfully,

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