Tuesday, January 11, 2011

This is usually what my art table looks like when I am in the middle of about 50 million things!  I know this is only a small section of it...but I thought you would like to see how the fabric items I make look before I sprinkle a little bit of my magic on them!  Above I have all of my painted fabric pieces laid out to dry...before they are then matched with coordinating store bought fabric, sewn, washed, dried and then written on.

Above is a basket of goodies I dropped off at
Artistree Co-op here in Orlando last Friday!

Almost all of my fabric creations start with a phrase on the front...
and then a single word (sometimes more than one word)
written on the back complete the message I am trying to spread.

I must say...I am enjoying the variety of options that I have to choose from when it comes to mixed media creations.  I think what I am enjoying the most is the fact that I am able to actually use my sewing machine!  Although my fabric creations are not the source of my art purpose, I did make quite a bit of one-of-a-kinds for Christmas this year for family and friends.  I have had my Kenmore since my late teens and am just now feeling confident in using it.  However, I did make Rylee a wizard gown over the weekend...she was driving me nuts to make her one from a book that she had.  And I used one of her nightgowns as a "base" for the pattern and boy was I WAY off!  It took me three tries to get the pattern the right size to fit her!  Needless to say, I was able to sew SOMETHING together for her...but the sleeves look at little weird!  She likes to flex her arms in it and she looks like she has huge muscles in the upper arm area!  Ha ha... So I over estimated in the shoulder area and did some funky sew job under the arm area...like her arms are coming out below her armpits!  Are you imagining this?!?!?  Anyway, what do you expect for my first wizard gown???  I mean...come on?!?!?  No seriously...I do not think I am going to attempt anymore clothes or gowns...she wants pointed wizard shoes next....oh boy!

How is everyone doing on the decluttering so far?  I am still getting small tasks completed day by day...mainly for art/work.  But I do need to tackle my closet before the end of the week!  I'll let you know how that goes!  My husband decided to make our armoire his closet about two weekends ago...so now I have the entire closet.  Keep in mind, we live in a small, older home so our closets are not that large anyway.  But I do need my make-up and stuff in there now too...so I need to reconfigure some...and yes...go through my clothes...AGAIN and see what I need to get rid of! Wish me luck!

I am off to get my girls from school now!  I hope everyone is having a COLORFUL week so far...with some organizing in the mix too!  I will leave you today with the following:

Be calm. Be strong.  Be grateful. 

Live Artfully,

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