Friday, September 3, 2010

Creative Bliss...

  "Unleash your Soul" 16x16

This is one of my new favorites! I still cannot get enough color.
I feel like I have so much creativity, color and passion locked up inside
me that I am having a hard time getting it out...
or, I am not getting it out fast enough!

"Lulu" 16x16
Available at Artistree Co-op in College Park

I FINALLY finished my Giraffe!  I started it at
my art camp this year!

Shown are some of the books that I have read recently or
am in the middle of reading!  I am really enjoying them!

Curran...on her way to her buddy Bradley's birthday party last month!
She is such a whimsical diva...

My girls are wearing the FSU tees that I made
out of FSU fabric!

This is a pillowcase that I recently made for a dear friend's
sons birthday.

I made this for "the queen", that is what I call my fabulous mother-in-law!  I did not think she would
be crazy about wearing an tee with a fabric design on it so I was lucky enough to find this
super soft tee nightgown at Target and added my own magic!  I think I might have to go get myself one!

Last but never least, I created this for Phil's Aunt Janet.
The leaves have her family member's initials on them and the house
number is her and her husband's anniversary.

Hello all!  Wow!  This is like the least amount of time in-between posts for me!  I dunno know...does anyone care???  I sometimes stress about what the heck I am suppose to do or say on my blog but I decided this week that I should not be stressing...I just need to write what is on my mind.  What I am feeling...what I am creating, etc.  That can't be that hard can it?!?!?

I dove into creating again this week.  A little bit of this, a little bit of that.  I created a new casserole this week using chicken and broccoli.  Let's just say my kids were soooo not into it!  At least Phil and I liked it!  Needless to say, I won't be making THAT again! 

I have also been into reading a lot lately!  I read so much in high school and before kids but now...finding a book that is as chaotic as my life is kinda hard.  I end up reading the first one or two chapters and dropping it.  But lately, certain titles and recommendations have peaked my interest so I decided to pick up a book again.  And, well, I am in the middle of reading 4 right now!  Imagine that!  I also realized the TYPE of books I like to read...hmmm....I guess it should not take 37 years to figure this out but in my case I truly learn something everyday.  I am inspired everyday by all sorts of odds and end things. 

I have also started to sew more lately.  Now, get this....I am NOT a sewer!  My mother is the one that sews...but she bought me a sewing machine in high school or right after high school (I can't remember) and I managed to squeeze only ONE sewing class in about 2 years ago and that was that!  But, I wanted to make something special for my girls this past Valentine's Day...and so I set out to make them each a pillowcase with fabric sewn on it in various shapes...shapes like a guitar, an owl, some hearts and a flower.  They came out awesome!!!  Better than I had expected!  So, that was Valentine's Day and since then, I have gotten my sewing machine back out numerous times since then to create more fabric oriented art!  Who knew my sewing machine would finally have some kind of life after all of these years???

Anyway - enjoy the photos of some of my latest creative projects as well as the one photo of my daughter Lily wearing a not so good smile on her face!  Macie made her mad of course and she just could not get over it for the photo!

Off for now!  Happy Friday!  Happy Creating!  Happy WHATEVER YOU ARE DOING!


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