Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Sew Cute!!!

Over sized Owl Pillow, approx. 24 in. high

Back of Owl Pillow...

I MUST have a sewing bug!  I made this over sized owl pillow over the weekend...my first pillow EVER and I think it came out adorable!  I actually made it for one of my daughter's friends who has a birthday this week!  Of course now that my girls saw this pillow they are determined to have one of their own!  All I can say is...Christmas is coming up!

I am working on a new canvas today...incorporating an owl and an over sized flower...I promise to share when it is done! I am working on some mini sewing projects in between drying time on the canvas too!  Only if they turn out well will I actually share those with you too!  :-)

I hope everyone is having an artful week so far!


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